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Baby Pod

We are in partnership with a company called Baby Pod who build equipment which aids the safe and easier transportation and scanning of very young children. The latest versions of these boxes are being built in Oxfordshire in collaboration with Williams FI Advanced Engineering, taking advantage of leading edge technologies from Formula One.

Carrying new-born babies from place to place is not easy. They need to be kept at a constant temperature and protected from vibration and noise, while being monitored closely by medical staff. In the past, incubators were used. But these are heavy, cumbersome devices, that require an external electricity supply and often dedicated vehicles to carry them as well. Scanning of very young babies presents a different set of challenges but similarly complex. Scanners are typically located in very noisy and cold environments which are instinctively stressful and damaging to the infant.

It is our intention to fund a number of BabyPods and ScanPods into several hospital across the UK in 2018.

Click above to see a BBC report on Baby Pod.

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